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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of the USC Alumni Association?
Please visit for a complete list of benefits including online resources, on-campus benefits and special offers exclusively for USC alumni.

Cardinal and Gold

What department can I contact to get information on Cardinal and Gold?
Contact the Athletic Department at (213) 740-4155.

USC Associates

Where can I get information on USC Associates?
Contact USC Associates at (213) 740-8722.

Career Services

What does Career Services offer me?
It includes free access to connectSC job listings, one complimentary counseling session with the USC Career Planning & Placement Center, plus other benefits. For more information, visit

Class Notes

How do I submit a class note?
Visit to access Fight On!line. Enter your user name and password. Then click on “Class Notes.”

The Alumni Association shares class notes with USC Trojan Family Magazine, but you can also submit directly to the magazine at or by fax to 213-821-1100.


How do I find out information on my local Alumni chapter?
Go to Click on “U.S.” or “International.” Click on the appropriate region for your local club.

Fight On!line - Registration, Update Profile, Online Community

How do I register for the Online Directory?

  • Visit
  • At the “Registration Step 1” page, you will need to find yourself among the list of USC alumni by entering your last name as it appears on the mailing label of your current copy of USC Trojan Family Magazine. Once you have located your last name, click "submit."
  • Locate and click on your name on the “Registration Step 2” page. For “Step 3,” you will need to verify that this is indeed your record by entering your Alumni Record Number as it appears on the mailing label of your USC Trojan Family Magazine or on your Alumni Association Membership Card. Click "submit."
  • In “Step 4” (the final step!) choose a user name and a password. Note: Choose your user name carefully since you will not be able to change it later.
  • The user name you select will be used as the prefix of your permanent E-mail Forwarding Address (i.e. user or, for example,

How do I find my alumni record number?
The alumni record number is an eight-digit number that can be found on the alumni membership card or on your mailing label of Trojan Family Magazine. If you do not have the above-mentioned items, go to Click on the “Request” link and fill out the form provided. If you need further assistance, contact the USC Alumni Association Member Services Department at (213) 821-5530.

I forgot my user name and password for “Fight On!line.” Can you help me?
Go to Click on the “Find Out” link and fill out the form provided. If you need further assistance, contact the USC Alumni Association Member Services Department at (213) 821-5530.

How do I change my address?
Please e-mail us.

How does the e-mail forwarding address work?
The USC Alumni Association offers USC graduates a lifelong email forwarding address. To use this service, USC graduates must be registered with “Fight On!line” and must have activated the email forwarding service. Once a forwarding email address is activated, you will be able to distribute the email address and when someone sends an email it will be forwarded to a personal active email account. For example, if someone sends an email to your email forwarding address, you may then check your AOL, gmail, yahoo, earthlink, hotmail, etc. account to read the email.

The personal email account can be changed by logging on to “Fight On!line” and clicking on “Update E-mail.” It may take up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect.

How do I activate my e-mail forwarding?
You must first register with “Fight On!line” to create a user name and password. Once you have registered, sign on and click “Update E-mail”. Be sure that you check off the box to activate your email forwarding and provide a valid personal email address (AOL, yahoo, earthlink etc.) in the space provided.

My e-mail address is not working. What do I do?
Be sure you have activated the email forwarding service by logging onto our website with your user name and password. Click on “Update Email” and verify that the forwarding email address is correct. Contact the USC Alumni Association Member Services Department at (213) 821-5530 for further assistance.

Football Tickets

As an alum, how do I purchase season or individual football tickets?
Contact the Ticket Office at (213) 740-4672 for all ticket-related questions.

Giving to The USC Alumni Association?

I want to make a donation to the Alumni Association.
Please visit us at under Quick Links (How to Get Involved) or at the bottom of the website "Giving to USC" to find out how you can donate to the Alumni Association or contact the USC Alumni Association’s Senior Business Officer at 213-740-2300.

Honorary Alumni Status

When is honorary alumni status awarded?
Click here to learn about the criteria for awarding honorary university alumni status or honorary school alumni status.


Do you offer insurance for alumni?
Yes, we offer several Group Insurance Plans in conjunction with professional insurance companies.

You can take advantage of your free membership in the USC Alumni Association to save up to 10% on your auto insurance with Liberty Mutual. Call 800-837-5249. Marsh offers USC alumni a wide range of group insurance plans, including term life, auto, homeowners, catastrophe major medical insurance, and short-term medical. Contact 1-888-560-ALUM (2586), ext. 2586.


How do I gain access to the library?
To use the library, you must go to the Doheny Library circulation desk to get a barcode placed on the back of your USC Alumni Association membership card. Please note that your membership card does not allow access to the Dentistry, Law or Health Sciences libraries. Access is also denied to the USC electronic resource network, selected electronic commercial databases such as Lexis Nexis, as well as videos of the Cinema Library.

Membership Card

How do I obtain a USC Alumni Association membership card?
Within four months of your graduation, you will receive your membership card by mail automatically. Please keep your address updated with the Office of Alumni and Development Records (ADR) so your membership card will be sent to the proper address.

There are two ways to receive your membership card if you did not receive it within four months of graduation. 1) Contact the Alumni Association Member Services Department at (213) 821-5530 or 2) log onto “Fight On!line” at and click on “Update Profile”. Verify that your address and information are correct and click on the “Send me a Card” link. If there is no link, a card has been processed and is on its way.

Search for a Friend

I am searching for a friend(s) I went to USC with -- how do I find them?
Visit to access our online community, Fight On!line. Do a simple search by entering the criteria suggested. To do an advanced search -- for example, by class year, major, etc. -- click on “Advanced Search” and enter the criteria suggested.

I’m not a graduate of USC but I have a friend(s) who went there. How do I locate them?
For security purposes, we ask that you mail us the name of the person you are looking for, the purpose of your search, and any other relevant information you may have. Along with your request, enclose a return-addressed and stamped letter that you want us to send to your friend. After we have received your written request, we will then try to locate the person for you. Once the person has been located, we will forward your letter and that person will contact you if they so desire.

Our mailing address is:

USC Alumni Association
Online Community
635 Childs Way
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0461

Trojan Family Magazine

I have a question regarding the Trojan Family Magazine. Who do I contact?
Contact the USC Public Relations at (213) 740-2684. If you are not receiving the Trojan Family Magazine, contact Alumni and Development Records at (213) 740-1234 to verify your mailing address.


I did not receive the latest USConnection e-newsletter.
Check to make sure that we have your current email address. Log on to Fight On!line, and select “Update Profile.”

Take me off the USConnection email list.
Log on to Fight On!line, go to “Member Services,” and then to your “E-mail Preferences.”

How do I get a copy of USConnection?
There is a link to USConnection on our Alumni Association homepage at

Fight On!line

Alumni searches, membership cards, class notes & more.

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