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Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The USC Alumni Association Board of Governors is a premier volunteer organization that provides critical advice and support in developing and implementing programs and services of the USC Alumni Association. Members also play important roles as ambassadors, greeting alumni at events and informing them about alumni programs and benefits. Through its committees, the Board of Governors promotes the advancement of the university and engages alumni of all ages and backgrounds. Its members represent each of the USC Alumni Association's major constituent groups as well as all of the major academic units of the university. Members are appointed for one to three-year terms


Rod Nakamoto ’83, MBA ‘94

President Elect
Jaime Lee ’06, JD ’09

Immediate Past President
Michael Adler ‘86, MBA ‘92

Patti Johnson ’78

Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations
Patrick E. Auerbach EdD '08

At-Large Members

(Term Ending 2017)
Randyn Calvo ‘05
Kate Russo Cannova ‘03
Ria Carlson ‘83
Michael Cooper ‘02
Noel Fleming ’07
Martin Irani ‘87, MBA ‘91
Richard E. Oswald II ‘79
Nina Ries JD ‘01

(Term Ending 2018)
Carl Alameda MPA ’06
Mary Ann Brennan ’94
Paula Ciaramitaro ’85
Michael Felix ’83
Carol MacDougall ’82
Scott Sternberg MA ’07, MPP ’09
Mark Tanimura ’84
Nadine Watt MA ’94

(Term Ending 2019)
Jules Buenabenta ’87
Bob Clifford ’85
Rigo Diaz ’89
John Iino JD ’87
Chuck Miwa ’87
Annie Occhipinti ’86
Beth Petak-Aaron ’80
Karen Wong ’82

Alumni Organization Representatives

Alumnae Coordinating Council                                                 
Helaine Lopes ’80 PhD ’91
Asian Pacific Alumni Association                                                              
Rei Umekubo ’85
Black Alumni Association                                                                            
Kathryn Shirley MBT ’97
Latino Alumni Association                                                                          
Susan Sifuentes Trigueros ’82
Lambda LGBT Alumni Association                                                           
M’Alyssa Macenas ’07
Half Century Trojans                                                                                     
Abe Somer ’59, JD ’62
International Alumni Clubs                                                                        
Larry Malanga ’80
Young Alumni Council                                                                  
Aileen Weiss ’11

School Representatives

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences                  
Richard Flores ’83
Leventhal School of Accounting                                               
Phil Pfirrmann ’76 MBA ’77
School of Architecture                                                                 
Jon Mills ’85
Roski School of Art and Design                                                 
Jackie DeHuff ’06
Marshall School of Business                                                                      
Gary Amaral MBA ’14
School of Cinematic Arts                                                                             
Bruce Rosenblum ’79
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism 
Corii Berg ’89
Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry                                                      
Joseph Simaie DDS ’96
School of Dramatic Arts                                                               
Jaclyn Kalkhurst ’08
Rossier School of Education                                                                       
Doreen Peterson MAT ’10
Viterbi School of Engineering                                                    
Michael Sheha MS ’00
Davis School of Gerontology                                                                     
Cameron Chalfant ’13, MSAM ’13
Gould School of Law                                                                                     
Scott Hodgkins ’82 MBT ’91 JD ’92
Keck School of Medicine                                                                             
Michael Chin MD ’84
Thornton School of Music                                                                          
Gina Luciani MM ’13
School of Pharmacy                                                                      
Vinson Lee MS ’01 PharmD ’06
Sol Price School of Public Policy                                                
Michael Low MPA ’80
School of Social Work                                                                   
Justine Schreyer-Lewin MSW ’13

Campus Representatives

Intercollegiate Athletics                                                                              
John Jenkins ’89 JD ’92
Parents’ Association                                                                                     
Don Larsen MBA ’01
Graduate Student Government                                                              
Victoria Montrose
Undergraduate Student Government                                                  
Edwin Saucedo

Special Appointments

(Term Ending 2017)
Rebecca Branham MBA ’13
Craig Farkas ’89
Tom Henkenius ’00
Curtis Jung ’83
Lorena Martinez ’02
Daniel Prince ’00
Clint Sallee ’94
Melinda Tamkin ’93

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