Q&A with Torey Carrick ’00

President, USC Lambda LGBT Alumni Association Board of Directors 

Born and raised in South Orange County, Torey Carrick ’00 (pictured left) was the first person in his family to go to college. Now living in Long Beach with his husband, Jeff Anderson, and their two young sons, ages six and three, the USC Marshall School of Business alum recently began his tenure as the 2018-19 president of the USC Lambda LGBT Alumni Association Board of Directors.

What inspired you to apply to USC?
USC was a target university for me as it had a very strong undergraduate business program, an exceptional water polo program and a great location in L.A.

Was there a professor (or professors) who made a significant impact on you?
Jim Ellis, who’s now dean of USC Marshall, made a profound and lasting impact on me. While I was in business school, he helped me understand the critical importance of relationships in business. I still reflect on some of his lessons today.

What extracurricular groups and/or service projects did you participate in as a USC undergrad?
I was a walk-on water polo player, a campus tour guide and an active member of the Greek scene—while not in a fraternity, I spent much time in the community.  

How has USC evolved regarding LGBTQ issues since you graduated?
While a student at ‘SC in the late 90s, I perceived the university to be a place where it was accepted to be LGBTQ, but not celebrated. I was not “out” with everyone on campus, but those closest to me knew my whole self.

Reengaging with the university 15 years later, I’ve found the environment to be much more open.  Differences are celebrated and our LGBTQ students and alums feel like a source of pride for the university.  For example, I LOVE Homecoming, and as a young alum, I did not find a community that I really connected with during Homecoming.  In present times, USC Lambda hosts an exceptional tailgate event—Homecoming Out—and it makes me and others in our community feel so connected and celebrated.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Be YOU—your authentic self is your best tool for creating the life you desire.

What was your first job after college?
 I was hired as a pharmaceutical sale representative for a large company.  My territory was Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood—not a bad location for a young graduate coming to terms with being “out.”

What drew you to working in real estate?
My husband Jeff and I had always planned to go into real estate business together when I retired from pharma.  However, during the Great Recession of 2008, I decided to take a package from the pharma company and use the capital as a springboard into working alongside my husband.  It was the best career decision I have ever made.

What inspired you to get involved with USC Lambda?
When I was an undergrad I received a Presidential Scholarship, and that support propelled my future. As I’ve grown in my career, I realized that I must give back to the university that gave so much to me.

After attending the Homecoming Out tailgate, I was inspired to reconnect with ’SC. I first got involved in USC Lambda’s mentoring program. I also joined the board of the USC Alumni Association Real Estate Network, and later became a member of USC Lambda’s Board of Directors.  Volunteering for USC Lambda is a great outlet for me, since it reflects so much of who I am—a proud gay Trojan!

What do you hope to accomplish during your tenure as USC Lambda Board of Directors president?
My primary focus will be to increase our outreach and engagement. Lambda can only thrive when we fully connect with and engage our alums.