Tidings from Troy

Dear Fellow Trojan,

Since the 1960s, the term “generation gap” has been used to sum up the cultural and social differences that separate the young and the old. In today’s constantly changing world, that gap seems to be widening on a daily basis—except in the Trojan Family, for we share a deep and abiding connection to USC that unites us all, regardless of age, background or experience.

This month, the USC Alumni Association is proud to host two events for the youngest and oldest members of the Trojan Family: our current students and senior alumni.

Over the weekend of February 23-25, USC alumni, parents and friends will host a series of Trojan SCuppers for current students. These special dinners, which are held in private homes, restaurants, campus locations and other creative spaces, provide invaluable opportunities for hosts and students to connect, share stories and celebrate USC’s traditions and transformation while enjoying a delicious meal.

The following week, members of USC’s vibrant senior alumni community will return to University Park campus for our 10th annual Half Century Trojans Going Back to College Day  on February 28. The revered caretakers of USC history and tradition, our Half Century Trojans will experience the USC of today over the course of the program, which will feature stimulating presentations by USC faculty and administrators, campus tours and ample opportunity to reminisce and reconnect with old friends.

We hope these events and others will inspire you to reach across generations to fellow Trojans and discover your affinities. Forging ties with Trojans young and old alike strengthens our connection to USC and to each other, and keeps the Trojan Family vital, thriving and alive to possibilities.

Fight On!

Patrick E. Auerbach EdD ’08
Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations