Tidings from Troy

Dear Fellow Trojan,

With the recent university announcement about an upcoming change in institutional leadership, an important transition for our beloved USC is underway—one that will reaffirm our core values, honor our legacy and lay the groundwork for a new era. It will take time, but we believe that we will emerge stronger than ever, thanks in great part to the steadfast support of you and the other 410,000+ members of the Trojan Family, who believe in USC’s mission to cultivate and enrich the human mind and spirit for the betterment of all.

It is also a time of dramatic transition for the newest members of our alumni community, the graduating Class of 2018. Now that they’ve earned their USC degrees, Class of 2018 grads will have access to one of the country’s most powerful and enduring alumni networks: the Trojan Family. Their automatic USC Alumni Association membership will be a gateway to lifelong friendships, valuable professional connections and the camaraderie of fellow alums worldwide—enhancing and enriching their lives on so many levels. We hope that they will all take full advantage of these opportunities, as well as the wide range of alumni benefits and services now available to them on our website.

So, on behalf of the USC Alumni Association, I want to welcome the newest members of our Trojan Family—and thank all the members of our exceptionally close-knit alumni community for your unwavering dedication to our great university.

Fight On!

Patrick E. Auerbach EdD ’08
Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations