Browse and Search Tips

The following are basic tips for browsing and searching the sub-collections of the Trojan Family Archive. From the Trojan Family Archive “tree” page, you have two choices:

  1. You can browse by clicking on one of the sub-collections represented on the Trojan Family Archive “tree.” Upon selecting, another browser window will open taking you to the USC Digital Library website where the sub-collection of your choice will be displayed.
  2. You can search by entering a term or terms in the search box at the lower right and clicking on the sub-collection of your choice. A results page will appear displaying only those items that contain the term you entered.

Both approaches bring you to a page with images you can click on; doing so will open the individual El Rodeo or Daily Trojan, for example, to show the pages within.

Following are some suggested tips for a better experience:


When browsing, click on the volume of El Rodeo or edition of the Daily Trojan that you wish to peruse. An image will appear with two tabs at right, “Thumbnails” and “Content.” “Thumbnails” gives you clickable images of each page; “Content” gives you a written list of the pages, each clickable to that particular page.


When searching, a results page will appear with images of all the issues of a particular publication containing the search term(s) you entered. On this results page, you can click on an image to open it to the first page where the term appears. The “Thumbnails” tab on the right will show images of all the pages; those with a red outline and asterisk contain the term(s) you searched for. The “Content” tab (also at right) will list the pages in text; again, those in red contain the search term(s). Click on any image or entry under the tabs to open it.

Please note the following:

  1. To search within a single issue of El Rodeo or the Daily Trojan, do not use the search box at the upper right. Instead, use the search box that appears at the upper left of the image or text.
  2. The check boxes that appear along with the sub-collection images do not pertain to searching; they are for saving a particular publication to your favorites.
Advanced Searching

Below search at the upper right is a link entitled “Advanced Search.” Selecting it will allow you to:

  1. Enter multiple terms, a range of years, a series of words or an exact phrase, and more.
  2. “Add another field” where you can enter an additional term or search parameter.
  3. “Add or Remove Collections” to limit the collections you are searching in. Note that the El Rodeo and Daily Trojan sub-collections all belong to one collection, the University of Southern California History Collection.
Viewing Toolbar Instructions
  • Zoom in using the + and – slide bar.
  • “Full Browser” shows the image and text side by side with search terms highlighted.
  • “Fit to Window” resets to the default view.
  • “Fit to Width” enlarges the image to the width of the screen.