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2020: The Year of Perfect Vision Virtual Series

A three-part series about how to stay engaged, create career satisfaction and lay a groundwork for financial independence.

Part 1 – Staying Engaged in a Hyper-Connected World

In a hyper-connected world, people are finding it harder to connect to each other on an interpersonal level and feelings of loneliness are at an all-time high. Today, USC Dean of Religious Life, Dr. Varun Soni, explores this phenomenon and discusses how to address and overcome these feelings of isolation.

Part 2 – Investing in You: Practical Tips for Career Satisfaction

Career satisfaction is an integral part of one’s well-being. Studies have shown that people who feel happy and content in their career are more likely to approach job-related tasks with enthusiasm and dedication. This series will explain the importance of career satisfaction and highlight a few practical tips to creating a more productive and healthier you.

Part 3 – Financial Independence: Charting Your Path to Freedom

It’s part three of our “2020: The Year of Perfect Vision” virtual series, featuring Kathleen Burns ’83, Daniel Fernandez and Jonathan Kennedy ’08. This episode discusses how planning and goal-setting can help you achieve financial independence.

Transition from Military to Civilian Career

Transitioning from a military to civilian career can be exciting, but also challenging. Hear from Trojan veterans who have entered the civilian workforce as they share successful strategies with fellow vets.

Navigating the VA’s Disability Rating Certification

The USC Alumni Veterans Network host U.S Veterans Affairs Service Officers and they share how to successfully navigate the VA’s disability rating certification process. Learn how to apply for and manage the VA disability benefits you or your loved one have earned.

Closing the Gap

The digital divide has been magnified due to the sudden closing of schools in response to COVID-19. Closing the gap has become a major focal point for educators and politicians to ensure that students have access to education at home. The USC Alumni Education Network and the esteemed panel discuss the different ways that they are working to close the gap in the digital divide.

Trojans Women’s Network Race and Gender Relation in the 2020 Election

Channeling energy from the 2017 Women’s March and social movements such as #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, women from diverse backgrounds have successfully brought forth social issues that contributed to the highest voter turnout in U.S. history.

Virtual Networking Sessions connect alumni from around the world to share best practices, give advice and provide helpful resources in an online chatroom. These virtual networking sessions are approximately an hour long. Visit our event calendar for more information.

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