APAA Homecoming Tailgate

First Virtual Homecoming!

Thank you for those that joined us for our first virtual homecoming celebration! While we couldn’t be on campus together this year, APAA didn’t want to break the traditional of getting together to celebrate the first football game of the season versus Arizona State!

For roughly an hour, we shared the talents of our students and alumni alike. We were also able to have a chat with some of our alumni leaders in Asia! After a visit by President Folt, we chatted with Rocky Seto, former USC defensive coach and former Seattle Seahawk’s defensive coach under Pete Caroll!

On game day, we got together on Zoom again for a game watch party to cheer on our USC Trojans to victory!

A Zoom recording of our Homecoming Celebration can be viewed here.

We hope to celebrate Homecoming with you all in person next year!

Homecoming Photos

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