Asian Pacific Film Fest

Now accepting submissions for our 6th annual Asian Pacific Film Fest, which will be held on February 11, 2023 at Ray Stark Theater on University Park Campus.

The USC Asian Pacific Film Fest (APFF) is a collaborative project between students and alumni to highlight Asian Pacific Islander (API) cinema and filmmakers from the University of Southern California. USC APFF seeks to showcase short films that are produced, written, directed and/or starring API Trojans, as well as films that address topics of interest to the API community. The festival also serves to highlight API Trojans in the entertainment industry.

All proceeds from the event will go toward the Jon M. Chu APAA Cinematic Arts Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is awarded to USC School of Cinematic Arts undergraduate students whose creative work demonstrates a commitment to telling stories about the API community.

Past APFF Winners

Thomas Percy Kim
2022 Jury Award – Director/Writer, BUSAN, 1999

An expecting Korean-American woman returns to her mother’s rustic home. They bathe and scrub each other, searching for reconnection and redemption.

Bruce Chiu
2022 Audience Award
– Director/Writer, Imperfectly complete

Lucy has been taking care of Owen, a blind guitarist she has admired for years. When Owen is about to get his vision back, Lucy faces the struggle of whether to reveal her true identity to Owen.

Tiffany Lin
2021 Jury Award – Director, Carrie Fisher is Dead

A young boy acquires a goldfish named Carrie Fisher. Then she dies.

Kevin Ung
2021 Audience Award
– Director, Refrigerate After Opening

A man who is down on his luck, find a second shot at a life when he buys himself a magical refrigerator.

Shange “Z” Zhang
2020 Jury Award – Director/Producer, The Five Minutes

A businessman in mourning uses a special telephone booth to have a final conversation with his recently deceased wife in the afterlife.

Omar Al Dakheel
2020 Audience Award
– Writer/Director, Ablution

Waleed washes his disabled father Khaled five times a day for Muslim prayer. But when Waleed’s sexuality is revealed, both father and son are torn between religion, duty and self.

Bruce Chiu
2019 Jury Award – Director, Sunset Sunrise

Owing to the self-condemnation of not being a good mother, Lily, a traditional Chinese woman struggles to come to terms with her son’s sexuality as her attempt to “change” him ultimately backfires.

Kalyan Sura
2019 Audience Award
– Writer/Director/VFX Supervisor, The Lie Game

A desperate computer scientist struggling to fund her anti-depression AI application faces her toughest challenge yet.

Eleanor Cho
2017 Audience Award – Director, Joseon’s Bride

Joseon’s Bride is a period piece following a young Korean bride who is trying to immigrate to America to escape from the dangers of Japanese colonialism.

Isaac Deol
2017 Jury Award
– Writer/Director, Warm Sweets

Long, the son of Chinese immigrant Linda must decide whether to fulfill his own dreams and move away for college or stay in South Los Angeles and take over his Mother’s bakery.