Asian Pacific Alumni AssociationUSC Scholarship FAQ

Is the Asian Pacific Alumni Association (APAA) scholarship the same as the Asian Pacific American Support Group Scholarship?
Yes. The APAA was formerly known as the APASG. These scholarships are one and the same.

When is the deadline to apply for the scholarship?
Deadlines for APAA Scholarships are generally in mid-February each year. Please refer the application for the exact deadline date. Late and incomplete applications will not be considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all supporting materials (i.e. transcript and letters of recommendation) are submitted by the stated deadline.

Who is eligible to apply for APAA scholarships?
You must be a full-time student enrolled at USC for the entire academic year that you are applying for a scholarship. Incoming, transfer, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Each individual named scholarship have various eligibility requirements, please refer to the application for details.

When will I be notified about the status of my application?
A select number of applicants will be called in for interviews with the scholarship committee approximately four weeks after the deadline date. Applicants will be notified in early June regarding the decisions made by the scholarship committee.

I have not been admitted to USC yet, can I still apply?
Yes, our selection criteria are independent from university admissions. The committee will confirm your acceptance with the admissions department before final scholarships are awarded. The APAA scholarship application process has no impact on your admission to the university.

Can international students apply?
Yes, international students may apply for our merit based awards. Please refer to the application for awards that are selected based on merit. International students are not eligible to receive need based awards.

I am studying abroad for a semester, am I still eligible for a scholarship?
Yes, as long as you are maintaining full-time student status during your semester abroad. However, if you are taking a “semester off” through an outside program then you would not qualify. All scholars are expected to fulfill their volunteer hours upon their return from their semester abroad.

Who should I ask to submit a letter of recommendation on my behalf?
You will need ONE letter of recommendation from an individual familiar with your involvement in community organizations. It is encouraged, though not specifically required, that your involvement be focus on serving an Asian Pacific community. You will also be asked to list an additional reference from a person familiar with your academic work. Your academic reference DOES NOT have to submit a written letter of recommendation.

Do I have to reapply for the APAA scholarships each year?
Yes, all applicants must reapply to receive a scholarship each year. Being the recipient of the award for one year does not guarantee that you will receive an award the following year.

What is the size of the scholarship awards?
Award amounts vary from $1,000 to $3,000 per student. The amount of the award will vary based on the individually named scholarship and the merit of each student’s application.

How will I receive the funds?
Scholarships are applied directly into your financial aid package with the USC Financial Aid Office. You will not receive a check.