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The USC Black Alumni Association (BAA) is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 organization that provides partial tuition scholarships annually to USC undergraduate and graduate students.

BAA scholarships are based upon the overall profile of a student’s commitment and aspirations gleaned from their application and interview. Scholarships are awarded to USC students on the basis of academic and personal merit in addition to having demonstrated involvement within the African-American community.

Annual awards average $3,000 for undergraduate students and $1,000 for graduate students.

Apply for a Scholarship


Applicants for awards must be an admitted or continuing USC student. Undergraduates must be enrolled for full-time coursework. Graduate students should also be enrolled full-time, but part-time coursework will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The minimum cumulative G.P.A. for this scholarship is 2.5. Applicants should exemplify commitment and identification with the African-American community. Recipients will be selected on the basis of academic, personal merit and demonstrated involvement within the African-American community. Incoming freshmen, transfer and graduate students will be reviewed and selected after they have been admitted.


Students receiving tuition remission, or Presidential Scholarships, are not eligible.

Application Procedure and Time Period

Interested applicants may apply by completing the BAA Scholarship Application, available through Scholarship Universe. All applications for the BAA Scholarship must be submitted online. The 2022-23 academic year scholarship application will be available on December 1, 2022. The submission deadline is February 1, 2023, 11:59 p.m.

Once the BAA Scholarship Committee has concluded the application and interview process and selected the scholarship recipients for the upcoming academic year, all applicants will be notified via email the outcome of whether or not they have been selected as a USC BAA Scholar. Recipients will be subsequently notified with an email stating expectations of the scholarship program and amount of award.

Terms of Disbursement

Awards will be disbursed at the beginning of each semester in equal installments upon completion of requirements.


The USC BAA Scholarship Committee shall select the scholarship recipients. For selection purposes, applicants shall be ranked by the committee according to a combination of academic performance and financial need (as determined by analysis of the information presented on the FAFSA, and case-by-case circumstances). The applicants with the highest rankings will be advanced to Phase II for interviews. Receipt or potential receipt of other scholarships or student financial aid may be considered in the selection process.

Amount of Award

The average undergraduate annual award is $3,000 and the average graduate annual award is $1,000, and is finalized prior to the start of the new academic year.

Award Notification

The USC BAA shall email the recipients a notice of selection specifying the terms of the award. Recipients shall be known as “USC Black Alumni Association Scholars (BAA Scholars).” IMPORTANT NOTE: as with other university scholarships, the amount of your award is tentative until approved by the USC Office of Financial Aid. If you have already reached the maximum level of scholarships and grants that you are eligible for, your award will be reduced or redirected to another qualified student. Notifications will occur April – May.


Refunds resulting from a student’s failure to complete a full academic period shall be returned to the BAA Fund. Monies available from refunded disbursements shall be used only for future awards from the BAA Fund.

Volunteer Hour Requirements

BAA Scholars shall complete volunteer service hours (10 undergraduate/5 graduate hours per semester) for the USC Black Alumni Association in order to receive disbursements throughout the year, and/or to be considered for renewal or reinstatement.

Other Requirenents

BAA Scholars are also expected to attend scheduled BAA Scholar meetings and a mandatory annual conference. Additionally, BAA Scholars are required to provide the BAA with any changes in his/her academic status, mailing address, telephone number and email address.


Former awardees who voluntarily withdraw may be considered for a BAA award within the next upcoming application cycle.


The BAA Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for the selection of recipients with final approval by the Executive Director. Disbursements of scholarship funds to recipients are administered by the USC BAA.

Support Scholarships

Foster New Legacies By Supporting Student Scholarships

BAA welcomes donor support to increase scholarship funds for USC students and strengthen our thriving community of Black excellence. Donations of any size make a difference and are all tax-deductible.

USC BAA Annual Scholarship Fund

USC BAA Annual Scholarship Fund This fund awards scholarships to undergraduate students in every USC school. The BAA “1,000 for $1,000” Annual Scholarship is included in this fund. Give Today

USC BAA Annual Graduate and Professional Fund

This fund awards scholarships to graduate and professional students only. Give Today

USC BAA Kilgore Scholarship Endowment Fund

This fund will not be spent until the endowed principal and interest, combined with other endowed funds, equals $10 million. This is to ensure that scholarships will be awarded to USC’s Black students in perpetuity. Give Today

BAA Scholars, 2020-2021


Marlize Duncan
James Dodd
Maurice Gramata-Jones
Endiya Griffin
Amber Pugh


Jenae Edwards
Kaitelyn Haynes
Shenaia Turner

Cinematic Arts

Paul Adams II
Sydney Laws
Noah Lee
Langston Siebens
Samantha Stewart
Ashley Ware

Iovine Young Academy

Mya Davis
Nia Marshall

Leventhal School of Accounting

Tyler Kelly
Dylan Singh

Dornsife College

Kristin Amadasun
Ashley Applewhite
Maggie Bass
Jordan Bucknor
Kyle Brown
Etienne Codjia
Kizzyah Dorant
Maiah Gaines-Richardson
Kyara Galloway
Elle Giovanni
Jaela Harding
Ayojide Hospidales
Sheridan Hunter
Shamillah Iga
Chasia Jeffries
Jonathan Kamanta
Selah Kitchiner
Lillian Leonard
Nicole Nwankwo
LaPaula Parker
Darryl Payton
Nathan Phillips
Rachel Roberson
Mya Roberts
Terrence Smith Jr.
Dara Udobong
Brelind Whitehurst

Marshall School of Business

Tyra Beck
Mariah Breit
Ashley Childress
Rahsheed Clarke
Asiah Dorsey
Jaya Hinton
Christian Henderson
Kyra Gardner
Janae Gooch
Kristina Joseph
Lauren Nash
Justin Negash
Oluwadamilare (Dami) Olatunji
Britne Peterson
Naomi Poe
Paul Royster
George Uduigwome
Lennon Wesley III

Keck School of Medicine

Peyton Brown
Aissatou Balde
Faith Hotchkiss
Jacquelin Longmire
Lawrence Rolle

Price School of Public Policy

Addison Arnold
Cydney Davis
Megan Gates
Connor Henderson
Matthew Kempfer
Adenike Makinde
Makela Rodgers
Kaitwan Jackson
Trinity Lee

Roski School of Design

Seanna Latiff
Alexandria Gee
Justus Keaton

School of Dramatic Arts

Kameron Brown
Diaya Fuller
Kennedy Hill
Alexis Turner
Amber Butler
Casey Gardner

Viterbi School of Engineering

Terrence Amenya
Maria Ashby
Jessica Brown
Christen Clark
OpeOluwa Otegbade
Mark Parent
Brian Price
Taofeeq Rasaki
Kristofer Thomas

Thornton School of Music

Hannah Abrahim
Jordan DeTiege
Yafeu Tyhimba
Eroll Rhoden
Joshua Wilson