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  1. Jun 07, 2016 6:30 PM - Trojan Family Reception in Tel Aviv

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  2. Jun 07, 2016 7:00 PM - Summer Theater Night at the Pasadena Playhouse

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  3. Jun 11, 2016 - TEN Showcase with Indie Night Film Festival

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  4. Jun 11, 2016 11:00 AM - Morning of Motivation with Professor Julia Plotts

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  5. Jun 12, 2016 11:00 AM - Summer in the City with USC APAA Bay Area Committee

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Image of Kabira Stokes MPP '11

Kabira Stokes MPP ’11 once aspired to become a fashion designer. But today, instead of creating clothes, she helps rebuild lives. Stokes runs Isidore Electronics Recycling, which trains and employs former prison inmates.

Kabira Stokes MPP '11

Image of Randol Schoenberg JD '91

How did Randol Schoenberg JD '91 win the biggest art restitution case ever fought, even though he had no background in art law? It's simple. He knows how to jump into complicated situations and quickly figure them out.

Randol Schoenberg JD '91

Image of Tracy Oliver MFA '10

Perpetually typecast as the sassy sidekick, actress Tracy Oliver MFA '10 enrolled in the USC School of Cinematic Arts' Peter Stark Producing Program to become a behind-the-scenes entertainment powerhouse.

Tracy Oliver MFA '10

Image of Doug Hauck '81

When not tending to teeth in his Newport Beach dental office, Doug Hauck ’81 turns his attention to something quite different: grapes. He and his wife own HammerSky Vineyards and Inn in Paso Robles, California.

Doug Hauck '81

Image of Katy Thomas Fike MS ’06, PhD ’09

A tech-savvy gerontologist, Katy Thomas Fike MS '06, PhD '09 invests in the future of elder-care apps and services through Aging2.0, the company she co-founded to spur innovative businesses focused on older adults.

Katy Thomas Fike MS ’06, PhD ’09

Image of Melvin Edwards '65

After graduating high school in Houston, Melvin Edwards ’65 headed to Los Angeles with two simple objectives: study art and play college football.

Melvin Edwards '65

Image of Elizabeth Khuri Chandler MA ’03

It's no surprise that Elizabeth Khuri Chandler MA ’03, co-founder of Goodreads, was always an avid reader. Her mother taught her to read with flashcards when Chandler was two years-old.

Elizabeth Khuri Chandler MA ’03

Image of Georgia Shaver '77

When one of her professors singled her out in class, Georgia Shaver '77 had no option but to speak up for herself. Little did she realize that the incident would serve as a stepping-stone to her future career in the United Nations.

Georgia Shaver '77

Image of Robert Garcia MA '05

He spent five and a half years on the Long Beach City Council, but an entirely different experience trained Robert Garcia MA '05 for his stint as the city's mayor: his time in front of a classroom.

Robert Garcia MA '05

Image of Deborah Rutter MBA '85

Trained as a violinist, Deborah Rutter MBA '85 has swapped her orchestra seat for one behind the scenes. She serves as the president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Deborah Rutter MBA '85

Image of Viet Luong '87

Viet Luong ’87 was only 9 years old when his family barely escaped war-torn Vietnam, the day before Saigon fell. He's come a long way from that fateful day. In 2014, Luong became the first Vietnamese-born U.S. military general.

Viet Luong '87

Image of John Latusky '05

John Latusky '05, a clean-cut USC Viterbi School of Engineering alum, is no ordinary tech geek. He's an engineer in the Nevada State Gaming Control Board's technology division, using computer forensics to keep scammers and cheaters at bay.

John Latusky '05

Image of Arman MS ’04, MBA ’10 and Afshin Nadershahi MD ’09

As boys, Arman MS ’04, MBA ’10 and Afshin Nadershahi MD ’09 would go on adventures in the woods near their home. Today, they scout a different frontier as entrepreneurs: patent filing, product prototyping and the FDA approval process.

Arman MS ’04, MBA ’10 and Afshin Nadershahi MD ’09

Image of Masako Miura ’36, MD ’41

When Masako Miura '36, MD '41 earned her medical degree, she received a certificate congratulating "him" on "his" accomplishment. Since she was one of only two women getting a medical degree that year, she shrugged it off as an honest mistake.

Masako Miura ’36, MD ’41

Image of Walid Abdul-Wahab ’13

Walid Abdul-Wahab '13 is not Amish, but the 22-year-old Marshall grad has close ties to the Plain community through his company, Desert Farms, which distributes camel's milk from Amish and Mennonite family farms in the American heartland.

Walid Abdul-Wahab ’13

Image of Robert Kronfli '11

Buzz-worthy dining venues with waiting lists for reservations are no big thing in Los Angeles. But back in 2009, one that hit the scene was run out of the North University Park apartment of two USC sophomores, Robert Kronfli ’11 and Alex Chang ’11.

Robert Kronfli '11

Image of Wilma Williams Pinder ’62

Despite what you might see on TV courtroom dramas, being a good litigator is not about being aggressive, flashy or devious. “To make it work, you must build a story around your facts,” says Wilma Williams Pinder ’62, with the conviction of a seasoned lawyer.

Wilma Williams Pinder ’62

Image of Nate Kaplan MPP ’11

Seeking an alternative to text-heavy voter guides, Nate Kaplan came up with the idea to create short, nonpartisan video clips to explain ballot measures. He made a trial-run series of black-and-white, low-budget videos that have evolved into

Nate Kaplan MPP ’11

Image of Priscilla Partridge de Garcia ’63, MS ’67, EdD ’72

A clinical psychologist in private practice, Priscilla Partridge de Garcia works with clients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Through her one-on-one work with patients, she helps heal unseen wounds that lie deep in the psyche.

Priscilla Partridge de Garcia ’63, MS ’67, EdD ’72

Image of Karen Adelman MFA'12

Karen Adelman MFA ’12 flew to Colombia to track down bullerengue, a form of music and dance. She returned to Los Angeles and last year presented her installation, La Bulla y Restos, which translates roughly to “the ruckus and remainders.”

Karen Adelman MFA'12

Image of Myiesha Taylor MD '00

At a young age, Myiesha Taylor MD ’00 knew she wanted to be a doctor. When the ear of her beloved toy rabbit, Bunny, came off, she performed triage and sewed on a new ear made of yarn. She even created a medical record for her patient—one of the many toys in her playroom under her care.

Myiesha Taylor MD '00

Image of Jeff Gold '79

A preserver of rock ’n’ roll history, Jeff Gold ’79 is a gift to the vinyl revival. As a kid, he collected records and then resold them—developing a shrewd comprehension of vinyl currency. He even traveled to Europe to find rare albums for his mail-order business, all while he was still a teenager.

Jeff Gold '79

Image of Carly Rogers OTD ’11, MA ‘04

Carly Rogers OTD ’11, MA ’04 learned early on that water heals. Her mother died when Rogers was only 18, and Rogers, then a Los Angeles County lifeguard, used to cleanse her grief in the Pacific’s salty waves.

Carly Rogers OTD ’11, MA ‘04

Image of John Rockwell ’04 and Kristopher “Kip” Barnes ’05

Before John Rockwell ’04 and Kristofor “Kip” Barnes ’05 made beer together as Los Angeles Ale Works, they made music together in the Trojan Marching Band.

John Rockwell ’04 and Kristopher “Kip” Barnes ’05

Image of Aja Brown ’04, MPL ’05

As a young girl, Aja Brown ’04, MPL ’05 had an unusual interest: real estate and construction. She’d beg her mom to take her to local development projects, and on Sundays she’d analyze the Los Angeles Times classifieds to compare rental units in different areas and cities.

Aja Brown ’04, MPL ’05

Image of Lia Protopapadakis ’01

On any given day, marine scientist Lia Protopapadakis '01 might be calibrating an ultrasound machine to determine the sex of a halibut, diving into a kelp forest to evaluate restoration efforts or lobbying local chefs to put California spiny lobsters on their menus.

Lia Protopapadakis ’01

Image of Patrick McClenahan ’80

As president and CEO of the Special Olympics World Games, Patrick McClenahan '80 has a colossal job as Los Angeles gears up to host the 2015 games: housing and feeding 3,000 coaches and 7,000 athletes from 170 nations for 12 days.

Patrick McClenahan ’80

Image of Haifa Reda Jamalallail PhD ’91

Haifa Reda Jamalallail PhD ’91 is juggling her culture with her belief in the power of education, and she's making it work for the benefit of women as the president of Effat University, the first private institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia.

Haifa Reda Jamalallail PhD ’91

Image of Liza Cherney ’06, MA ’07

After earning two degrees at USC, Liza Cherney moved to Boston, where she received her MBA from Boston College in May 2013. A month before graduating, she attended the Boston Marathon -- and saw her life change forever in the wake of tragic bombing.

Liza Cherney ’06, MA ’07

Image of Stark Sands BFA '01

Stark Sands BFA ’01 is revisiting the same situation he was in 12 years ago: playing the lead role in a big musical. But instead of performing in the USC School of Dramatic Arts’ production of Pippin, he now stars on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots.

Stark Sands BFA '01

Image of Joel Breman MD '65

During his training at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, Joel Breman MD ’65 saw many patients with measles, meningitis, diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, along with unusual infections...

Joel Breman MD '65

Image of Sheryl Gordon McCloud JD '84

Ask Sheryl Gordon McCloud JD ’84 about herself, and she’ll talk to you about others. A member of the Washington State Supreme Court since January, she’ll point to professors, friends, her husband and the two sons who inspired and supported her...

Sheryl Gordon McCloud JD '84

Image of R. Barrie Walkley MA ’75

He keeps retiring, but Ambassador R. Barrie Walkley MA ’75 just can’t seem to make it stick. The 68-year-old career diplomat is on his third diplomatic assignment since his official retirement as ambassador to Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe in 2008.

R. Barrie Walkley MA ’75

Image of Lizette Salas '11

Lizette Salas ’11 was only 7 when her father showed her a proper golf swing. Being head mechanic at the public Azusa Greens Golf Course had some perks, and Ramon Salas made sure his kids learned to play. But Lizette, his youngest, was special.

Lizette Salas '11

Image of Edward Loh '98

As the editor-in-chief of Motor Trend magazine, Edward Loh ’98 is all about speed. And he’s driven. One day he’s flying to the
 Motor Show in Paris, the next
 day he’s zipping around the 
back roads of Seville, Spain, in 
a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Edward Loh '98

Image of Lizette Zarate '02

When Lizette Zarate ’02 looks at students in USC’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative (NAI), she sees herself almost 20 years ago — a gifted young girl getting an education that she otherwise wouldn’t have received.

Lizette Zarate '02

Image of James Lord BArch '90

Intuitive design” — design with a user-friendly feel — is a topic that landscape architect James Lord BArch ’90 thinks about a lot.

James Lord BArch '90

Image of Paula Daniels '77

When Paula Daniels ’77, Broadcast Journalism, was growing up in Hawaii, her grandfather taught her about malama aina — stewardship of the land. “He said, ‘We don’t own this land, we’re just taking care of it for the next generations.

Paula Daniels '77

Image of Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. '50, MS '52

Best known as the founder of the Wine of the Month Club, Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. ’50, MS ’52 is also a successful pharmacist who ran the first drugstore on the USC campus and discovered domestic plant sources of an antidote to nerve gas.

Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. '50, MS '52

Image of Cassandra Sanders-Holly DPT ’04

Cassandra Sanders-Holly DPT ’04 helps kids with with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, Down syndrome or autism through Leaps & Bounds Pediatric Therapy, her hippotherapy clinic in Norco, Calif.

Cassandra Sanders-Holly DPT ’04

Image of Helene Winer Class of 1966

As the young director of Pomona College’s Museum of Art in the early 1970s, Helene Winer ’66 made tongues wag with her avant-garde curating. One of the artists she introduced was Chris Burden, who launched bundles of lit matches at a nude woman across the gallery.

Helene Winer Class of 1966

Image of Greg Reitan Class of 1996

Film composer, jazz pianist and recording artist Greg Reitan ’96 makes his living doing what he loves - writing and performing music. He's also an architecture buff who lives in his dream house: modernist architect J. Lamont Longworthy's prototype Concept 2 modular home.

Greg Reitan Class of 1996

Image of Eric Brown and Renee Cottrell-Brown Class of 1978

Eric Brown ’78 and Renee Cottrell-Brown ’78 laugh a lot. Remarkable, some might say, for a couple who live and work together as CEO and executive vice president of sales and marketing, respectively, at the Dallas-based Johnson Products Company Inc.

Eric Brown and Renee Cottrell-Brown Class of 1978

Image of Boris Dramov Class of 1966

Boris Dramov ’66 has designed numerous buildings, parkways and plazas, including Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. But now he has designed something few United States architects can match: a monument on Washington, D.C.'s National Mall.

Boris Dramov Class of 1966

Image of James

James “Jimmy” Reese ’46 is a busy man. He’ll do some stock market trading, arbitrate a dog bite case and set up meetings for a new education intervention program at USC - all in a day. At 92, Reese doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon.

James "Jimmy" Reese Class of 1946

Image of Kathy (Keeler) Seid Class of 1980

Kathy (Keeler) Seid ’80 can’t step onto a golf course or set foot in an MD's office without sensing untapped potential. “There’s just not any place I go that I don’t see an opportunity,” she says.

Kathy (Keeler) Seid Class of 1980

Image of Brandon Stauber Class of '95

On his business card, Brandon Stauber MPP ’95 identifies himself as “Agent White." Relax. He’s talking about wine. In 2007, Stauber launched The Wine Spies LLC, with partner Jason Seeber, who goes by “Agent Red.”

Brandon Stauber Class of '95

Image of Hilda Solis Class of 1981

Hilda Solis MPA ’81 heads the U.S. Department of Labor. Before becoming the first Hispanic woman to hold a permanent Cabinet post, Solis was a member of the House of Representatives.

Hilda Solis Class of 1981

Image of David K. Hansen Class of '85

David K. Hansen ’85 dreamed of opening a restaurant, but instead spearheaded the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle program, estimated to have saved thousands of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

David K. Hansen Class of '85

Image of David Hamlin Class of '94

As series producer of National Geographic Channel’s Great Migrations, David Hamlin MFA ’94 put together an international team of cinematographers, scientists and writers to film wildlife on the move across the planet.

David Hamlin Class of '94

Image of Christopher Chan Class of '92

When a Gensler board member told Christopher Chan BArch '92 the firm needed his talents in Shanghai, Chan and his wife had just welcomed a baby boy and bought a home, but they opted for adventure.

Christopher Chan Class of '92

Image of Steven Atamian Class of '04

Two years ago during the height of the recession, Steven Atamian ’04 did the unthinkable: He left his job in corporate America to give his time and energy to the nonprofit organization he co-founded a few years earlier.

Steven Atamian Class of '04

Image of Hunter Freberg Class of '67

Hunter Freberg ’67 has loved her husband since she was 4 years old. But back then, she only knew Stan Freberg as the voice of her favorite television show puppet on Time for Beany .

Hunter Freberg Class of '67

Image of Roberto Lee Class of '04

His USC Marshall School of Business professors drilled him on financial plans and feasibility studies, but no one prepared Roberto Lee MBA‘04 for what it would take to run a company in the wild, wild East.

Roberto Lee Class of '04

Image of Ree Drummond Class of '91

If you asked Ree Drummond ’91 in 1991 where she was headed in life, chances are she wouldn’t have said a ranch outside of Pawhuska, Okla. But that’s where she ended up when she fell in love with a cowboy.

Ree Drummond Class of '91

Image of Grant Imahara Class of '93

Grant Imahara ’93 may have the most fun job in the world. A typical day at the office has included building a 7-foot, 3,000-pound, 1-million-piece ball of Legos to roll down a road at a car.

Grant Imahara Class of '93

Image of Alan Hoffman Class of '91

The day the House of Representatives passed health-care reform, Alan Hoffman, MPA/JD ’91, couldn’t help but notice that cherry blossoms were just beginning to flower in Washington, D.C.

Alan Hoffman Class of '91

Image of Tierza Davis Class of '92

While on vacation in a beautiful locale, most people think, at least once, “What if I stayed here forever?” Most people, of course, never do it. Then again, most people aren’t Tierza Davis ’92.

Tierza Davis Class of '92

Image of F. Willard Robinson Class of '42

Dr. F. Willard “Robbie” Robinson ’42, MS ’49, PhD ’58 has deep roots in the Trojan Family, starting with his grandparents, who met as students in the university’s first class.

F. Willard Robinson Class of '42

Image of Thomas Unterseher Class of '92

Thomas Unterseher ’92 learned you can go home again and still feel connected to USC - even if that home is a town of 4,000 people in the middle of South Dakota.

Thomas Unterseher Class of '92

Image of Jeff Byers Class of '07

Jeff Byers ’07, MBA ’09 came to USC for football but got much more. When the offensive lineman was drafted into the NFL in April, he took with him a master’s in business administration from USC Marshall.

Jeff Byers Class of '07

Image of Stayce D. Harris Class of '81

In August 2009, the Tuskegee Airmen annual convention featured a special guest. Stayce D. Harris ’81 was already a frequent convention attendee, but this time she had general stars on her shoulders.

Stayce D. Harris Class of '81

Image of Donald Vega Class of '99

You can’t see them in Mount Vernon, NY’s dark Bassline Cafe, but jazz pianist Donald Vega ’99 has angels on his shoulder. He may swing with the grace of Oscar Peterson, but he's traveled a hard road to get here.

Donald Vega Class of '99

Image of Amy Reddit Tomlinson Class of '00

When Lieutenant Amy Redditt Tomlinson ’00 explains what she does as an aviator in the U.S. Navy, she references a popular film. “Have you ever seen Top Gun?” she asks.

Amy Reddit Tomlinson Class of '00

Image of David Bohnett  Class of '78

David Bohnett '78, chair of the LA Phil and supporter of new youth orchestras in LA, was thrilled by the turnout for new LA Phil conductor Gustavo Dudamel's first concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

David Bohnett Class of '78

Image of Carol Campbell Fox, Class of ’62

If you were to draw up a list of the hardest working volunteers at USC, Carol Campbell Fox MS ’62 would surely be near the top. The energetic alumna could teach a master class on efficient multi-tasking.

Carol Campbell Fox, Class of ’62

Image of Ellen Hunter Mai, Class of ’91

Ellen Hunter Mai ’91 lives an extraordinary life. She has hunted pirates in the Malacca Straits, toured the illegal diamond mines of Sierra Leone, reported from Afghanistan and tracked communist rebels in Peru.

Ellen Hunter Mai, Class of ’91

Image of Lukas Petrash, Class of ’06

When Lukas Petrash ’06 was growing up in Texas, he made his own toys, Petrash’s early inventions were a preview of his architectural career, which focuses on ultra-low-cost sustainable housing.

Lukas Petrash, Class of ’06

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