Alumnae (Women’s) Groups

Within each USC Alumni Association alumnae group, you will discover support, friendship and networking through social events, philanthropic projects and community involvement. Together, the groups contribute more than a million dollars annually to the university to support scholarships and critical programming.

Check out each group’s Facebook page or website for more information. And to get involved with an alumnae group today, send an email to the group’s friendly and welcoming president.

Society of Trojan Women

The USC Society of Trojan Women, which engages more than 1,000 alumnae worldwide, sponsors programs for women interested in personal and professional development and giving back to USC. Sign up here for the STW Newsletter. And support the STW Scholarship Fund.

President: Rebecca Meza

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Town & Gown of USC

Town & Gown of USC, the university’s oldest women’s group, supports USC through scholarships for students, campus enhancements and cultural programs. Regular meetings are the first Tuesday of the month, from October through May, with an annual fundraising benefit taking place in the spring.

President: Paula Ciaramitaro

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The Alumnae Coordinating Council

The Alumnae Coordinating Council (ACC) is a forum for the leaders of USC’s alumnae groups to collaborate, share resources and develop leadership skills. Support student scholarships and programs by purchasing specialty items at the USC Alumnae Coordinating Council online store.

Chairman: Susan Cannan

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Trojan League Associates of the Desert
Support the TLAD Scholarship Fund

President: Julie Baumer


Trojan League of Los Angeles
Support the TLLA Scholarship Fund

President: Christine Ofiesh

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Trojan League of Orange County
Support the TLOC Scholarship Fund

President: Anne Leisure

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Trojan League Associates of San Diego County
Support the TLASDC Scholarship Fund

President: Cinda Lucas

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Trojan League of South Bay
Support the TLSB Scholarship Fund

President: Melody Nishida

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Trojan League Associates of the Valleys
Support the TLAV Scholarship Fund

President: Barbara Orechoff

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Interfraternity Parents Council

The Interfraternity Parents Council promotes leadership in fraternities, awards scholarships to Greek men and serves as a network for Greek parents, as well as a link between fraternity parent clubs and the university. Support the IFPC Scholarship Fund.

President: Kathleen Metheny

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Intersorority Parents Council

The Intersorority Parents Council promotes friendship and unity between the USC Panhellenic Sorority Parents Clubs, while providing Greek parents a forum for sharing information. Each year, the council awards scholarships to outstanding Panhellenic sorority members. Support the ISPC Scholarship Fund.

President: Karen Mohajer

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USC Trojan Affiliates

USC Trojan Affiliates fosters friendship, loyalty and cooperation with USC as it sustains fundraising projects for scholarships and USC programs. Support the TA Scholarship Fund.

President: Robin Phillips



Trojan Guild of Los Angeles
& Trojan Guild of Orange County

The Trojan Guilds of Los Angeles (TGLA) and Orange County (TGOC) encourage a spirit of friendship and loyalty through opportunities for educational and cultural enrichment, as well as by rendering service to USC and providing scholarships to students. Click here to support the TGLA Scholarship Fund and here to support the TGOC Scholarship Fund.

TGLA President: Sandy Johnston


TGOC President: Nancy Fertig



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