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Remain connected to the Trojan Family and your alma mater, no matter where you are in the world.

As a student, you built relationships on campus, and as an alum you want to maintain and strengthen those relationships in the communities where you live. The USC Alumni Association is committed to these same goals and is always looking for ways to help you to achieve them. Indeed, the Trojan Family is our university’s greatest asset, and we want everyone to have the chance to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

That’s why we recently reorganized our regional offerings, shifting from alumni clubs and chapters with officers, chairs and boards to more flexible and inclusive alumni communities. Our goal is to empower more regional volunteers and expand involvement opportunities for all—alumni, parents and friends.

Below you’ll find more information about this exciting approach to help you stay connected with fellow Trojans in your community.

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All USC alumni, parents, students, and friends are welcome to connect with fellow Trojans in our Facebook Regional Groups. Group members have the ability to post, comment, like, share, and even create events, meet-ups, and watch parties. All group members must abide by the code of conduct guidelines published within each group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change?
Since 2017, the USC Alumni Association has had an ongoing dialogue with alumni across the nation, along with the USC Board of Trustees Alumni Affairs Committee and the USCAA Board of Governors. Through these frank conversations and alumni attitude surveys, we learned that the university needed to do a better job of engaging alumni in their home communities. We realized that more Trojans wanted to participate by bringing creative new ideas to fruition. It became apparent that a new approach was needed.

What’s more, over the years, many of our club leaders have told us about the demands on their time and the many challenges they face, including having to organize an entire year’s calendar of events, communicate broadly with all alumni in the region, manage potential risks and liabilities associated with their responsibilities, and navigate the difficulties of leadership succession. Our new approach addresses these issues.

USC recognizes the important contributions that alumni clubs and chapters have made to their regional communities and the university overall, and remains firmly committed to our regional volunteers, programs and events—all of which are indispensable to our Trojan Family and a source of great pride. Anyone currently involved with a club or chapter has been invited to continue volunteering and working with us.

Will there still be regional events?
Yes—and we expect that there will be more events than ever before. All alumni will still be able to:

  • Connect through favorite events like Game Watches, SCend Offs and SCervice projects;
  • Participate in or lead professional and networking events such as ReSCeptions, industry office hours and SCuppers, virtually and in person;
  • Enjoy Trojan Family meet-ups of all types, such as hikes, cultural activities and other get-togethers.

How do I connect with Trojans in my community?
We have created Facebook groups for each regional community—for example, USC Alumni in Seattle. There you’ll find out what’s going on in your area. You’ll also find more information about how you can organize an informal or a more structured event with local alumni.

You may also check our Event Calendar, which is sortable by region, to find a variety of alumni events.

Can I still volunteer to lead or help plan an event?
Yes! Active volunteers continue to be the inspiration and driving force behind all alumni events, and it’s our mission to help you bring your passions to life through your involvement. Anyone currently involved with a club or chapter is encouraged to continue volunteering and partnering with us.

Plus, we’ve made it even easier for volunteers like you to take the initiative in organizing an event or activity. You can lead one of our established annual events or create something new. We will support these efforts by publicizing events on our calendar, in our newsletters and through social media, and in some instances provide additional resources.

Start planning your event today by simply filling out this brief form!

Will I still be able to volunteer as a mentor in my region?
Yes. It will actually be easier than ever to serve as a mentor to current and future generations of Trojans. Just sign up for The Trojan Network, USC’s online professional networking and mentorship program, to:

  • Serve as an advisor to students who reach out to you.
  • Connect with alumni in your industry or geographic location to give or receive career advice.
  • Participate as much or as little as you wish—whether it’s answering one question per month or establishing an ongoing mentoring connection with a student or fellow alum.

What’s going to happen with our regional student scholarship programs?
Scholarships remain and always will be the heart of our regional programs, and one of the most important ways alumni demonstrate their support of our current and future students. You will still be able to donate directly to a local student scholarship fund managed by the university. Just visit Giving to USC and search for your region’s scholarship fund. You can also volunteer to help us by blind-reviewing scholarship applications. Simply email us and we will follow up with you in the fall once our scholarship volunteer recruitment and training begins.

Will this new approach affect other established USC alumni groups?
Regional alumni and support groups, like Trojan Clubs, school-based alumni organizations and cultural, ethnic, and alumnae groups will continue unchanged, and will benefit from our efforts to encourage more members of our regional Trojan communities to participate in USC-related activities and programs.

Contact Us
For additional questions please contact us at or (213) 740-2300 or, director of regional and engagement programs at (213) 821-5584.