Black Alumni Association group photo

Affinity Programs

Affinity programs bring together USC alumni and friends with common interests, experiences and/or backgrounds, strengthening their ties to each other and to the university.

Alumnae (Women’s) Groups

The women of all generations who participate in USC Alumni Association alumnae groups discover support and friendship through social and networking events, philanthropic projects and community involvement.

USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association (APAA)

The APAA supports USC alumni of Asian Pacific origin/descent and helps connect them with the university and one another, lifelong and worldwide, through meaningful and relevant programs, many of which raise scholarship funds for current USC students.

USC Black Alumni Association (BAA)

The BAA is an alumni leadership network established to strengthen the legacy of educational attainment and excellence among USC’s Black students. It provides scholarship assistance, career mentoring and cultural advocacy through alumni volunteer involvement, philanthropy and social enterprise.

USC Lambda LGBTQ+ Alumni Association (USC Lambda)

USC Lambda connects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied Trojans to each other and the university. Each year, it awards scholarships to students (of any sexual or gender identity) who demonstrate a dedication to LGBT issues.

USC Latino Alumni Association (LAA)

The LAA is devoted to the academic advancement and development of Latino students attending USC. The association is made up of USC alumni, students and friends working together to provide support, leadership training, and service and networking opportunities.

USC Alumni Veterans Network

The USC Alumni Veterans Network—open to all alumni who have served in our nation’s armed forces—strengthens the community of Trojan veterans through educational and service-oriented engagement.