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USC Alumni Entrepreneurs NetworkEntrepreneur Mentorship Program

Are you an entrepreneur, startup investor or business professional who wants to share your experience and knowledge? Or maybe an early-stage entrepreneur looking for guidance from a fellow Trojan? The Alumni Entrepreneurs Network (AEN) Mentorship Program provides invaluable insights and guidance to support alumni navigating the entrepreneurial world.

About the Program

The USC Alumni Entrepreneurs Network (AEN) invites you to connect with fellow USC entrepreneurs by applying to the AEN Mentorship Program. The 2024 program will last 12 weeks starting in April, and pairs aspiring USC alumni entrepreneurs with mentors whose professional backgrounds closely align with their fields of interest.

The program features weekly mentorship sessions, spanning 45-60 minutes each, which are held throughout the program duration. Additional information will be provided to applicants upon their acceptance into the program.

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Who Should Apply?

Ideal Mentee: Aspiring USC entrepreneurs who are embarking on their first venture into entrepreneurship who may or may not already have an idea. Someone who is committed to the intensive 12-week program and eager to learn.

Ideal Mentor: A USC alum with experience in entrepreneurship at any stage and who is eager to teach and help guide entrepreneurs through this 12-week program.