Game Watch FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Game Watch Party?

USC Football Game Watch Parties are essential events for members of the Trojan Family around the world. We would like to personally invite you to host a Game Watch Party for fellow alumni and friends in your community. It’s a great way to bring your local Trojan Family together to help cheer on the team in 2023!

Who can become a host?

All degreed alumni who agree to uphold the Trojan Family values and code of conduct established by the university are eligible to host a Game Watch Party.

What are the key responsibilities as a host?

Below is a short checklist you can use before, during and after the event to help ensure that you have an enjoyable experience while providing alumni and friends with a fun and spirited gathering. 

Before the event:

  • Confirm the game(s) you wish to host with USCAA regional team by completing the Game Watch Host Form
  • Attend a one-hour mandatory Game Watch host training
  • Confirm a suitable venue for all the games you listed on your form 
  • Submit all final details to the USCAA regional team by the deadline for marketing and promotions
  • Notify the USCAA if you need a co-host for support & backup (recommended)
  • Serve as the point of contact for the USCAA, the venue and the registrants
  • Promote events on regional FB group pages. Marketing assets will be provided as needed
  • Join the Fight Online Alumni Volunteer Leaders Community to interact with other alumni volunteers and share and learn best practices and event tips

During the event:

  • Be present at the event, approximately 5 hours per event
  • Arrive early—set up the reserved section, if needed, with decor and signage
  • Greet and check in guests
  • Conduct halftime activities (short announcements, trivia, raffle, promote regional scholarships using text-to-give, etc.)
  • Capture photos/videos and share on social media, tagging @usclaumni and using #uscalumni #fighton #usctrojans or other popular USC hashtags. Photo tips:
    • Capture faces in good lighting
    • Get lively group shots
    • Downplay alcoholic beverages
    • Show off those multi-generational families
  • Serve as the point of contact for the USCAA, the venue and the registrants

After the event, within 48 hours:

  • Share check-in list with the USCAA 
  • Share photos, videos or other contents with the USCAA 
  • Share feedback and comments

How do I find/select a suitable venue?

Venue selection is very crucial for a successful Game Watch Party. Here is a checklist you may refer to when looking for a proper venue near you:

  • Is the venue available for all dates & time needed? Ideally, all game watch parties can be hosted at the same venue for consistency. If there are multiple venues, please fill out one 2024 Game Watch Host Form for each venue.
  • Does it have TVs with sound and PAC 12 network? If not, you will need to find another venue.
  • What is the capacity of your party? Please indicate the capacity in 2024 Game Watch Host Form.
  • What is the reservation policy? If you can’t reserve a section for a USC alumni group, or if there is a reservation deposit requirement, we suggest you look for another venue.
  • Is there a minimum for F&B? If there is F&B minimum, we suggest you look for another venue.
  • Is the venue willing to donate partial proceeds to the USC scholarship funds? Please notify the USCAA if the venue is open to donate partial proceeds to USC scholarship funds.

Is there any financial commitment required as a host?

No. Attendees are responsible for their own costs that may occur. If there is a F&B minimum, we suggest you look for another venue. 

How do I publicize my Game Watch Party to USC alumni in my area?

There are a few ways to promote your events to local Trojans:

The host can:

  • Post the event details on your area’s designated USCAA Regional Alumni Groups on Facebook
  • Promote the event within personal/local network (email, text, post on LinkedIn, IG, etc.)
  • Co-promote with the venue

USCAA will:

  • List event pages on USCAA Event Calendar with registration links
  • Send emails to all alumni in your area (for whom we have email)
  • Provide marketing assets and graphics for social media 

What resources does the USC Alumni Association provide for Game Watch Party Hosts?

USCAA will support and work with game watch hosts throughout the process:

  • Provide host training and detailed timeline
  • List event pages on USCAA Event Calendar with registration links
  • Create email campaigns to reach USCAA alumni base
  • Provide USCAA-approved marketing collaterals
  • Provide USC Spirit Package with supply kits for the season
  • Provide e-registration list prior to each event

Where can I find the 2023 USC Football Game schedule?

Please view the 2023 USC Football Schedule for the whole season. Some markets may not host every game, especially for those outside of the Pac 12 footprint. In such cases, we encourage hosts to focus on hosting Game Watch Parties for the nationally televised games, such as USC at Notre Dame (October 14) and others TBD.

I want to become a host, what do I do next?

Awesome! Please fill out 2024 Game Watch Host Form.

What is the deadline for becoming a host?

In order to ensure that you have a successful event, we must have a completed registration form no later than 3 weeks prior to your first Game Watch or by September 22, whichever is sooner.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please notify the USCAA about cancellations at least 48 hours prior to the event time. This will give us time to notify guests about the cancellation or, if available, designate another alumni host to cover the event.

For questions regarding USC Game Watch Parties or other alumni programs, email our USCAA Regional team.

We hope you’ll join us as a Game Watch host. Thank you and Fight On!