Message from the USC Alumni Association

Making the Trojan Family Proud

For Trojans around the globe, watching USC’s world-class athletes compete in the Olympic Games is an experience like no other. To see these gifted men and women pursue Olympic glory brings us together and fills us with tremendous pride. A record-setting 65 Trojan athletes at the 2020 games in Tokyo are bringing us hope, inspiration and so much more at a time when we could all use it.

Representing 33 countries, our 2020 Olympians not only exemplify USC’s commitment to excellence, but also demonstrate the global reach of our Trojan Family. From Manila to Munich to Minneapolis and beyond, we number more than 451,000 strong on six continents. We serve as proud ambassadors of our great university, staying connected to fellow Trojans and making a positive difference in our communities. In fact, this Saturday, thousands of USC alumni, friends and supporters worldwide will participate, either in person or virtually, in our annual USC Alumni Day of SCervice. And while their efforts will not attract the world’s attention like our Olympians, our volunteers nevertheless deserve recognition for living up to the promise of our Trojan Family.

Fight On!

Patrick E. Auerbach EdD ’08
Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations