Message from the USC Alumni Association

Living by Our Trojan Values

As we prepare to celebrate a most unusual holiday season and eagerly anticipate 2021, it’s a good time to take stock of the values that shape and guide us—not just individually, but as members of the Trojan Family. How do we live by these values and model them for fellow Trojans, so that everyone feels respected and heard? It’s a question USC has been exploring in its ongoing university-wide initiative, the Culture Journey.

Last year, nearly 24,000 students, faculty and staff participated in the USC Values Poll and discussion sessions to kick-start a frank, university-wide conversation. The poll and session findings are laying a foundation for momentous and positive changes across USC—all to create a culture exemplifying these unifying values: integrity; diversity, equity and inclusion; open communication; excellence; well-being; and accountability. It’s not just about setting policy; it’s about taking action and leading by example, both on and off campus.

In 2021, USC will continue this journey and we look forward to including alumni in these critical conversations. As proud ambassadors of our great university, we can do our part to support USC’s commitment to change by embracing these unifying values in our own lives and in our interactions with fellow Trojans, now and always.

Happy holidays, stay safe and Fight On!

Patrick E. Auerbach EdD ’08
Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations