Stephanie Shishido Bio

Stephanie Shishido

Dr. Shishido is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience focusing on the identification and characterization of circulating tumor cells from the liquid biopsy received from clinical trial cancer patients. Her research interests focus on the interactions between the neoplastic cell and the microenvironment, specifically in relation to adhesion and intracellular communication.

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in biology with an emphasis on vertebrate physiology. She completed a Master’s degree from California State University Bakersfield focusing on skeletal muscle physiology and a Doctoral degree from Kansas State University in Diagnostic Medicine and Pathology, with a focus on molecular oncology. Dr. Shishido is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Regulatory Management from USC.

To help bring scientific understanding to the general public, she has served as a scientific advisor for multiple cancer related projects supported by the Bridge Art Science Alliance (BASA) at USC. Additionally, she has worked with various outreach programs to educate the next generation of scientists in cancer cell biology.